Web Design

A website can be a simple brochure style information only site or a complex database driven showcase of hundreds of products and interactive functionality. Development costs similarly range from a few tens of dollars to many hundreds if not thousands. It is primarily developer time that you must pay for; time to create a thematic design, time to draft and proof textual content, time to compile and prepare graphical content, time to setup and populate databases and time to code, test and deploy the site to the Internet.

In keeping with philsphiles objective of offering tailored, economical solutions we follow a simple plan;

  • careful analysis of your requirements in order to ensure the most economic and focused approach is taken
  • maximum use of client provided design elements, text, images and other content
  • whenever possible the use of fixed price quotes to avoid surprises
  • whenever appropriate the use of a modularised content management system (CMS) enabling user access for ongoing content upkeep and functional expansion when required

The majority of small business website development will fall within the $350-$750 range. The following table gives an indicative costing for some standard development options:

Product Description Cost
The $99 Website A complete website: single page design and build or WordPress installation, 1 year hosting, 1 year domain name registration (revert to normal pricing after first year) $99.00
The Standard A standard 3-5 page site with contact form and user access to administer content.  Build with a content management system such as WordPress. from $350.00
Modules CMS based sites can be extended through the addition of modules such as; photo albums, social networking connectivity, calendars, event management, specialised forms etc from $50.00
eCommerce A full featured, multi product shopping cart module for the display and selling of products online. from $500.00

Other modules are available, or can be developed to extend the functionality of the CMS.

Where not otherwise stated a standard rate of $90.00 per hour is charged by philsphiles for all work conducted. Specific projects can be negotiated at a lower hourly rate or fixed price quote. Third party elements will be charged at cost plus any associated administrative time at the standard philsphiles hourly rate.

Complimentary to all full website developments are the following:

  • Basic search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Site submission to several search engines
  • Email redirection