History of Online Casinos

Most players are completely unaware of the history of online casinos, despite the fact that they daily go to gambling resources, replenish the balance of the gaming account and withdraw winnings. This article will highlight some interesting points: the emergence of virtual clubs, stages of development, interesting stories about online casinos, etc.

Compared with stationary institutions, the history of online casinos is quite “young”. Not everyone knows that the first resource where the opportunity to have fun in slot machines was opened a little over 20 years ago. In such a short time, fairly simple sites have become powerful gaming portals with great opportunities for gamers.

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How did you come up with the idea

The history of online casinos is silent on how and who exactly had the idea of creating a resource on the Internet, where gamblers could fully satisfy their passion for the game. It is clear that with the emergence of the Internet, such ideas immediately appeared in the minds of owners of terrestrial institutions.

Not for nothing ancient Roman poet Juvenal said: “The smell of profit is pleasant, no matter what it comes from. At least the income from gambling is more “pure” than from drug or arms trading.

So, let’s assume that the idea of a virtual club came to one of the owners of the land casino, as there is no exact information on this.

Surprisingly, the history of online casinos shows that this area has developed and continues to develop very rapidly. The facts show that every year new sites appear on the Internet, which are offered to “play and win. If with the first part of the advertising slogan (“play”) there are no problems, then there are very serious doubts about the second (“win”).
It is the passion of people to gambling, which for several millennia, has become the main factor in the emergence of online casinos.

Look how convenient it is: you, without leaving home, get:
  • Drive and positive;
  • great mood (before the first big loss);
  • the opportunity to spend your free time;
  • a chance to win;
  • “travel” to different gambling clubs.
As it may seem: just a real paradise! But in this barrel of honey is not a spoon, but exactly the same barrel of tar. And this:
  • passion for gambling with almost a hundred percent guarantee turns into ludomania;
  • it’s impossible to get regular income in a virtual casino;
  • fraudulent sites are quickly emptying the newcomer’s budget;
  • families of gamers are most often broken up;
  • “money falling out of the sky usually doesn’t bring happiness, but quickly merges everything in the same casino;
  • the history of any online casino shows that once you start playing, it is almost impossible to stop.

After all this, it becomes clear that the idea of casinos on the Internet only exacerbated the desperate situation of Ludomans. If before losing serious money was difficult, especially in countries where gambling is prohibited or limited to special areas, today you can lose everything and more easily in a few minutes. But let’s not talk about sad, responsible play in any solid club, will help to cope with addiction, of course, if the player himself wants it.

History of online casinos

In fact, the history of online casinos is quite entertaining. A brief chronology can be presented as follows:

  • In 1994, Microgaming created the first platform on which you can install special programs – slot machine simulators. At the same time, in Antigua and Barbuda, a mechanism for issuing licenses to the first online gambling establishments is being developed.
  • 1996. There are already several online casinos on the Internet, in Canada there is a Kahnawake Gaming Commission – Commission for issuing licenses to virtual clubs.
  • 1998 The appearance of the first progressive jackpots. After that, wishing to play online casinos has increased significantly, which led to a rapid increase in the number of new playgrounds. The total profit of operators is growing and reaches a serious amount (almost one billion dollars).
  • 2001 A new stage in the development of virtual institutions. The history of online casinos is becoming even more interesting, as at this time there are a huge number of new resources, the quality of service and gambling software is becoming better, and in the minds of software producers are born new ideas (multiplayer games, original bonuses, etc.).
  • 2007 There is an opportunity to have fun with so-called “live” dealers. In special studios gaming tables are installed, pretty girls are invited as croupiers (most often) and gamblers get almost “full immersion” in gambling.
  • 2011 г. Spurred the doubters. This year, the lucky man managed to break the first huge jackpot in online casinos ($10 million). After that, the number of online gamblers is much more.
  • 2015 г. Gambling mobile apps appear in the masses. Now you can play from your smartphone, tablet, etc. Losing, as well as winning, becomes even more accessible.
  • 2018 г. New technologies are appearing, which makes it possible to broadcast from the ground casino to the online club in real time. Perhaps such a symbiosis is the future of virtual gambling.

As you can see, the history of online casinos is quite interesting. The most important thing is that its development does not stop for a single day. Simply put, you and I are living witnesses, we have something to tell our grandchildren.

The first online casinos

Today a huge number of online casinos operate on the Internet. Unfortunately, among them there are a lot of fairies, which contain scripting machines. They are easily twisted by the owners of such sites, so you can not win on them.

Of course, the very first casinos that appeared on the Internet, were honest, as they tried to get a huge audience of potential players. As we can see, they did it. Today, many of them closed or rebranded. Among the most famous are Europa casino, William Hill (a huge portal with a bookmaker’s office and virtual club), 888 casino and many others. They all appeared in the last century and are still successfully functioning.

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