How online casino design affects your earnings

After browsing 10-20 different casino sites, there is a strong feeling that many of them are made to ruin users’ eyes. Everything glimpses, shines, explodes and flashes. But just against the background of such sites stand out others, such as Mr Bet NZ – more professional, a little strict, but also bright and attractive.

And if you notice it, then your guests notice it as well. Let’s look at what should be the design of online casinos to leave a positive impression on the players, warm up loyalty and, in the end, bring more money.

Good online casino design

You can endlessly argue whether the design of the game club should be extravagant.

In practice, you can see that there is an audience at playgrounds with a very unusual interface, and with a traditional, even template. Indeed, many gamblers understand that the “stuffing” of the site is the same on different portals, and vice versa, looking for a recognizable design online casino, as they know how everything works here.

Only the owner decides whether to use a template or develop a unique online casino design. We emphasize that their fans are both there and there. But the common denominator is one: where it is more convenient, there will be more players.

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Online casino design: important aspects

  1. Visual load.

Keep the aggressiveness of the pages at a low level. Creating on your site a large number of banners, ads, and pictures with promotions – a positive step, but often too many, and the guest site is simply lost. Design online casinos should be made bright, but easy.

  1. Important buttons.

There are two most important buttons: the registration and deposit. Make sure that they are clearly visible from any page. These elements should always be at hand, no matter at what time the player decides to register/make a deposit.

  1. The registration process.

Make it simple, with a minimum of fields. The faster the user starts the game, the faster he will start to make a profit. The same principle is also true for deposit functionality.

  1. Search for games.

Experienced players know exactly which machine they are looking for. Make sure that any slot is for them in a couple of clicks. You can customize the sorting by category, theme, degree of volatility, etc.

  1. “Live casino.

Set up widgets for the growing jackpot, a table with ratings and a list of recent wins. This will help to warm up the users’ interest in gaming and feel like they belong to a big community right now. Such an interesting hook can realize a successful online casino design.

  1. Cell Phones

Even if you omit the fact that search engines underestimate the ratings of sites without a mobile version, there is still a moment of convenience for gamblers. Playing from portable devices should be as comfortable as from a computer or laptop.

  1. Licenses and certificates

Place your casino’s qualification information on the home page. This will increase user loyalty and trust.

  1. Speed.

Players don’t like to wait. Compress images, optimize page loading. The work of the site should be lightning fast. Let pages and machines load as fast as possible.

Slot machine design

Gladiator Game

On shoulders of the beginning businessman the big task is laid down: to start and adjust the work of Internet business. And it happens, it is not free to think about what should be the design of online casinos. But still, it is better to open a new gaming club with a whole concept.

So we smoothly move on to the question of the interface of machines. It’s great that now you can buy a slot, integrate into the site and continue to do only support. But imagine: the player gets on your site, solid and nice to the eye, opens the first caught game and … and all the magic that tried to create a design studio, fly away.

It would be wrong to agitate you to install only original video slots, designed specifically for your casino. But in the long run, it definitely pays off.

The more unique games on your site, with its gameplay, animation, and sound, the more interest the audience shows. Especially players with experience. Just imagine how tired they are to see the same slot machines on each site. Offer original games – and win their hearts.

The good design of the online casino allows the gambler to feel like a real gambling club, wherever he is. To win fans, the business owner should try and create such a fascinating space.

Implement the design together with partners. Thus, in good companies that make great gaming solutions and related products for casinos, in addition to the standard set of specialists, there are UI / UX-designers and psychologists. It is with their help projects get long-lived and interesting players.

Site development is a process that combines a creative search alloy of a team of developers-professionals. At us, you can order a site. Our designers will develop a unique site design, which will favorably differ from competitors. Developed by us CMS (site management system) allows:

  • change the content on the site page (add new and delete outdated information).
  • add or delete photos
  • add new sections
  • structure new pages of the site and delete unnecessary ones
  • delete/address information in a catalog of products or services
  • upgrade
  • upload/download media files
  • and many other things…

Get acquainted with the work and simplicity of the mechanism of site management through the “Site Administration System” you can use, designed specifically for your test site. In this section, you have a unique opportunity to create a site and try out the resource management mechanism for free. Click on the link “Go to a test site”, register, log in to your account and start working on the creation of your site.

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